Tuesday, 25 August 2009


It's a fading memory already but the return to longer "endurance" events commenced back at the start of August with the Rat Race Urban Adventure Race in Sheffield. Competing with Richard who's also coming to MdS 2012, it was a harsh reminder of the need to eat whilst exercising for long periods. Apart from the length of time actually competing (8 hours on the Sunday) there wasn't too much direct correlation with the MdS. Any running in the Rat Race was fairly short and sharp, most of the event was on bikes and I can't see us doing too many 110 ft abseils in Morocco. But it was good fun, and despite a long time out of the adventure racing or even endurance scene, coming in the top third was promising.

We also got confirmation of our entry into the OMM in October in Wales. This is much more akin to MdS - self sufficient, orienteering, long distance and carrying food and a pack. Just the temperature and terrain will differ - expecting bogs and rain/cold in October in Wales, and heat and sand in Morocco in March.

Not much else by way of training of late although I have invested in a pair of Vibram Five Finger shoes and been out running in them for that barefoot feeling. It was very comfortable and felt refreshingly light on my feet, although they are a peculiar sight and solicited many laughs from my friends. I'll be laughing when they're all laid up with injuries and I have uber strong feet and a perfect running gait. Hopefully.

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